Thirteen Years and Running!


While Your’ Away started with a dream and passion 13 years ago. It is difficult to even remember so far back. Think of all the changes we have all experienced since then. Facebook was Facemash! A lot has changed since then.
We created While Your’ Away Services based on personal experiences. Being native to Ahwatukee and loving pets, we looked high and low for a pet sitter to help us. It was difficult. We always felt that no one listened to our needs. It was frustrating.
We weren’t going to leave our pets with anyone. So I decided to venture out into my own business. I thought that if I felt this way, then others would also. I wanted to create a company that would care for pets like I cared for my own. Moreover, I wanted to listen to my clients and provide a customized solution. I remain committed to this!
After launching, I found that I was right. People all over the area needed a great service. One they could trust. Over the past thirteen years, I have helped so many wonderful clients with their pets. It is a real passion for me.
As the business grew, I brought on great employees to help carry out my vision. We expanded to include home services. We love it!
Our market has grown as well. Even though we began in Ahwatukee, we have expanded into Tempe, sections of Chandler. We even service clients in Mesa.
We are so proud of our service level and it shows. For over ten years, we have been the Best of Ahwatukee. Every client is special to us. They miss their little ones while away. It is so great to send them pictures and to use technology to show clients their pets are safe and loved.
It’s been a great thirteen years and we hope for many more to come.

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