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If you are a homeowner, you know that there comes some time when your home will be vacant, normally when you leave for a family vacation. This usually goes for a long weekend or even a two-week vacation. However, if you own another house, the property might be vacant for a much longer period of time. You might decide to use the home for holidays or even for family retreats. Just locking your house or depending on your neighbor to keep an eye on it is not the best ways to protect your home, which in this case, is your investment.

The last thing you need is a thief who has chosen your home because it looks like no one is there. All you need on your vacation is a peaceful mind. There are several things that will suggest you are not at home. These things will include, a filled mailbox, newspapers in the driveway, lights on 24/7 and curtains drawn. A tiny planning before you leave will assist you from worrying too much about your home while you are away and evade unwanted surprises while you return. With While Your Away Services, you will have your peace of mind and always feel at home.

Services we offer

A home is obviously the biggest purchase that many people ever make. It is always advisable to hire a good home inspector who will make sure your home is given a proper inspection. We provide the following services that cover the interior and exterior of your home. If anything comes up that may need your attention, we will immediately call you to know advance action needed.

• A comprehensive visual check of the interior home, ceilings, and walls

• Check refrigerators and freezers

• Flush all toilets

• Deliver services to have mail held and picked up on a fixed basis

• Check AC and ensure that thermostats are all running well

• Visual examination of outside property as well as checking pools and irrigation systems

• Spontaneous storm scrutiny after a severe storm

We can discuss other additional services that you want or feel is significant to the security of your home during our evaluation visits.

There are various reasons as to why you should hire a professional Home Check service to take care of your vacation home, rental property or even a primary residence.

Failed appliances and faulty electrical systems

Visualize leaving your home for a week or more in the summertime, you have locked everything inside and you are on your way to a merry vacation with your family. Without your knowledge, the air conditioning system stops functioning, then you come home to a surprise of a rotten smelling house which is damaged. A damage that is caused by defective wiring and failed appliances is not a new thing. A lot of home fires have been as a result of distorted extension cords in homes. Appliances can also fail due to power surges that will in turn result to issues that range from a flooded basement, failure of your home security systems and many other serious damages.

It is sometimes impossible to prevent these problems especially because you are on a family vacation. However, you can avoid all that by just hiring a professional home watch service. At While Your ‘Away Services, we have a checklist that we often use to go through each and every time we do a home inspection. We make sure that everything is in a good working condition and immediately notify you.

Storm damage

Without any warning, Mother Nature can release very severe weather in the form of a storm or her in Arizona a significant monsoon, which may be as a result of heavy rains that are accompanied by strong winds. This storm can wreak havoc form the exterior to the interior of your home. During a storm, the strong winds can result to put down branches of trees that may destroy roofs and windows. On the other hand, a flood can lead to the loss of valuable things. After a storm, you will see that nothing has turned into a serious problem. For instance, a leaking roof might have led to main damage during the heavy storm.

Numerous storms are unavoidable; however, some precautions can be taken to make sure that damages are minimized. Our professionals will identify any possible risks and protect your property from major damage in the occurrence of a severe storm or a hurricane.

Pest infestation and intrusion

When you come from your vacation, one of the main problems you run into is a pest infested house. A home that is built close to nature has many benefits, however, pests are obviously the main challenges faced. To homeowners in Ahwatukee, rodents, and animals such as mice, rats and scorpions can be a big problem. The rodents are obviously invading because they are looking for food. Once they invade a home, eradicating them is usually the hardest part. They usually find their way into homes that are not well secured when unattended. The pest will soon start breeding and the problem will get more costly.

We at While Your’ Away Services have an Inspection checklist that includes taking the necessary steps to eradicate the rodents.

Other services that we offer are

• Pest control

• House cleaning

• HVAC maintenances

• Deliveries

• Landscaping care

• Remodeling

Pet sitting

One of the main problems that pet owners face is the ability to leave their pets behind when they are going out for a vacation. Many pets can’t adopt the situations at the kennel therefore putting a lot of pressure on the pet itself and the family. Therefore, the best thing to do is to hire a professional Home Check service that offers pet sitting services. We offer pet services that range from;

• Everyday walks

• Poop pick up

• Overnight visits

• Medication and distinctive services

• Free time with their favorite toy

• A lot of love and affection

• Everyday fresh water

• Modified planning to monitor their eating routine

• Daily litter box washing.

The residents of Ahwatukee are the owners of While Your’ Away Services and we will take care of your pets so that you won’t worry while away from your vacation.

If you are planning to travel, going for a well-deserved vacation or even going on a long business trip and wondering if your home will be safe, relax, we got you covered. Leaving your home can be a good way to relaxing and just for a while forgets about your daily routine. We provide a complete Home Check service so that you can enjoy your vacation with no stress. Contact us today 480-287-4897 and get a quote.

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