Why Should You Hire A Company That Is Licensed, Bonded And Insured?

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Get excited! Now there is no excuse not to take that vacation the family has dreamed of so long. There is also no reason not to have a secure home while the family is off on a delightful holiday. While at it, why not hire someone to be a pet sitter for your pets?

“While You R Away” is our name, and we own a home watching service, we do home maintenance, and we are also a Pet Sitter. In fact, we are bonded, insured, and licensed.

Having said all that, as a pet sitter, we do the pet check at home where your pet is most comfortable. We take superb care of your dogs, cats, birds and other small critters. We do not have to get a license to operate the business, but to be secure and professional, we do have ours. We offer this alternative to kennel keeping, and pets love the attention.

In any event, when someone buys pet care for when they have to be elsewhere we treat each animal like our own. We do daily walks, feedings, give any medications, and we do overnight stays, baths or other reasonable requests. If a sitter is needed for only a few hours, or perhaps all day, we can do that. We are animal lovers who care about each one of the fantastic animals that come through our pet program, and it is second to none.

With our home maintenance, “While You R Away” offers up personal, custom-made services. What we do is find contractors that are right here in this area for our customers. We train them, they are very reliable and they are bonded before any employment.

Also, we help in placement and securing what our valued clients need. This can include house cleaning, revamping of the home, landscaping, pest control, deliveries, HVAC repairs and more. Our home watching service provides security when one is away even for a few hours. We keep homes safe!

So, when a company starts out, it must get a business license, any bond protection and proper insurance to cover any loss it may experience. Moreover, hiring a company that is licensed, bonded and insured is just good business, common sense and smart.

When interviewing a potential home or pet sitter, consider some of the following to ensure you select a qualified business. First, look into what bond is required as one may not be needed at all. Find information via a state agency or by checking with the Secretary of State to find out about a license.

You may ask yourself, “What is a bond”? Well, it signifies that a business has obtained the right liability insurance, and they now have a business license, and the business has purchased and made payments to a surety company. This furnishes them with a protection from having the bond, plus the surety company is then responsible for any loss that may occur via the finances.

Additionally, the guarantor has trust for in the business and their business dealings. If the person does not do what he said he would do, they must fall back upon what is in the declaration. It is common for the guarantor to come and take a really good look at the business.

Also, a guarantor will get in touch with any customers, suppliers and business associates. If these references tell them that the business is all good, the more chances of getting to secure a bond there are.

Furthermore, the organization’s capability and length of service is of utmost importance. The longer the company has been working, the better it looks, and a better chance there is of getting bonded. Sureties do not want to see more work than the biz has the capability for.
When you meet with potential businesses, ask about their qualifications. Check their licensing, bonding, and insurance. Even though all these are not required in Arizona, if a company has then then you know they are serious about what they do. While YouR Away has them all! So, don’t delay, call us today! At least get a free consultation. Please, never hesitate to contact us about how we can help.

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