Our company “While You’r Away Services” was conceived in the mind of its owner Eleanor Marsh before it was registered as LLC with the state of Arizona. It  was then established, and run, under the umbrella of E & R Enterprises LLC until 2011. It then became “While You’r Away Services, LLC”.

In early 2005 friends suggested to us that Awhatukee (South Eastern Corner of Phoenix) needed a good customer oriented Pet and House watch service. A service that would be customized to the customer’s particular needs and deliver with a positive professional attitutude. Followed by intense strategic planning “While You’r Away Services” became a reality.

The service we offer are unique, highly customized and professionally delivered for both Pet and House Watch Services. We call our initial visit with a prospective client “Our Meet and Greet”. This gives us the opportunity to meet the client, their pet or their home. At this time we further discuss their particular needs and special requests that they have in mind.

Our employees are trained and bonded professionals having a combied total of over 20 years of field experience.

About Eleanor

Eleanor Marsh, owner of “While You’r Away Services” brings many skills to the business. She has over 41 years experience in customer service with over 9 years Field Experience.

Her experience has been gained in sales with a major computer company, owning her own interior decorating company and in the banking industry. All of these companies have been very customized service orientated.

It was good training for anyone wanting to start a unique and customized business of any kind.